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    Secret Ingredient

      Circuit25 Partners

      This section will feature our selected partners whose goals are to help you stay on track with your fitness. Circuit25 wants only the best for you and is partnering with the finest out there when it comes to nutrition and health. Visit our partners today!

      Secret Ingredient


      C25's added Secret Ingredient to becoming fit!


      We are excited to announce a new partnership with Secret Ingredient. This health-conscious company offers the tastiest pre-chopped, measured meals for you to prepare in your very own home.  And, together, we at C25 and Secret Ingredient have concocted four new recipes that are balanced, nutritious and scrumptious! These dishes are C25 Fit Choice Approved!


      Put together C25’s philosophy of a balanced, active life and Secret Ingredient’s goal of making healthy eating easy—and look what you get: an ideal partnership. Look for the C25 logo next to the recipe on Secret Ingredient’s site and get a well balanced healthy meal delivered right to your doorstep that same day. You’ll receive everything washed, peeled, chopped and ready to go. You’ll also get instructions on how to cook your meal (under 30 minutes and less than 10 steps), making it easy for even the most culinary-challenged.


      Take some time to hit a C25 class with Davide and his crew. After you've had your full-body workout, head back home and whip up your meal, chowing down on the freshest, highest quality, locally produced food around (don’t forget to try Secret Ingredient’s choice of wine for pairing with every dish). Voila! You’ll quickly become the healthiest, fittest person! Everyone will want to know your secret… and this is one you can share!