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Proper Form

Proper Form

New York - 13 June 2012

It’s that time of the day where you’re motivated and ready to sweat. So you head on over to the gym and work out. Or you think you are as you’re chatting on your phone, watching the news on the TV and taking baby steps on the stair master. But are you really working out? If you aren’t using proper form, you might as well stay at home. Exercising improperly is essentially not exercising at all.


Most people who go to the gym do not work out with proper form. For example, if you get on the treadmill or stepping machine, you have to use the machine to its maximum potential with full extension. Taking tiny steps or just doing a light jog with no resistance is not going to give you much. If you’re on the elliptical, put on some tension and speed things up. If you’re doing sit ups, don’t just do ten – do three sets of ten! And make sure you are doing them right.


There are a few things you can do to improve your form and ensure you are getting a real workout. Check out our database to find the exercise you’re doing and read up on it to make sure you are doing it right. Get a personal trainer for a session or two (or however many you can afford) to lay out the groundwork for your work outs and steer you in the right direction. Or possibly the best thing you can do is come to a Circuit25 class where you are not only guaranteed a work out (at a great, affordable price), but you’ll be doing everything right because we will correct you.


But that’s not all. When you go to the gym, leave your phone in the locker room. Too many people spend half of the time on the phone and not working out. Also, if you’re working out with a partner, make sure they’re in the same mindset as you are. If they just want to chat and hang out, don’t go to the gym with them – go to coffee instead and head to the gym on your own. You need to be with someone who supports your goals, whether it’s building muscle, losing weight or just getting back in shape. That way, you’ll be accountable to each other – and motivate each other even more.


Again, at Circuit25, we offer that accountability with a whole group of people with a similar mindset. You’ll find that you’ll not want to miss class and not give 100% since there are those counting on you – and you’re counting on them as well. And the key is that we will make sure you are doing everything right.


So get fit today – the proper way!