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What is a COD?

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Circuit of the Day:



Get in the best shape of your life by devoting only 25 minutes a day.  The Circuit of the Day is an innovative exercise routine for anyone of any fitness level that can be performed anywhere, no equipment necessary.  Consisting of 2-10 unique exercises, each circuit gives a complete body transformation and workout.  We strive to be the best while making sure our workout is for everyone. 


Do It Anywhere

Simply watch and read the description of the circuit in order to do it on your own, on your own time.  Find the CODs posted on our website, Facebook and twitter.  Our C25 trainers will use the CODs in class.  Can’t make it to class?  Do it on your own, anywhere you want.


It’s All You Need

All you need to do to get fit is our CODs.  We recommend doing them every day since we will be posting new CODs on a daily basis.  However, doing the CODs even a few times a week will get you fit.


Warm Up, Cool Down 

Always warm up and cool down before and after your COD.  Warm up with cardio; cool down by stretching and working your core.  Our website has great warm up and cool down ideas.  Make sure you are doing your exercises properly in order to avoid injury and keep your muscles warm and pliable.



When you are doing the COD, mark your timer for 25 minutes.  Perform each exercise for 25 seconds.  Rest as long as you need (up to 50 seconds).  Perform the next exercise in the COD.  Rest.  Repeat.  Once you’ve completed all of the exercises, rehydrate and repeat the entire COD until your 25 minutes is up.  The more you do, with more intensity, the fitter you’ll get and the less time you’ll need to rest between exercises.



Our daily written COD will also be brought to you in the form of a brief 25 second video description.  In addition, C25’s website has an extensive library of exercise videos worth checking out.


Post It

5 CODs will be posted every week.  After you do the workout, post the phrase “Circuit25 done” on our Facebook page. This way, not only can we see who is involved, but you can keep track of your impressive progress as well!  Challenge yourself and inspire others!




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