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One on One

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Do busy, humid gyms scare you off? Would you rather no one see you or have images of you showing up on Youtube grunting and sweating as you exercise? Or do you simply not have enough time in the day to meet for group training classes? Circuit25 has the perfect solution just for you.


C25 1-on-1 training brings our 25/25 workout strategy right to your home. Our top-notch trainers will work with you in your own space, guiding you with the same expertise of our group sessions but in the privacy of your living room, gym, clubhouse or preferred location. Location isn’t what’s important to us; it’s what we are able to accomplish with you at that location that’s essential.


Our 1-on-1 workouts are tailored to fit your needs. Whether it’s building muscle, reducing body fat, injury rehabilitation, or getting into that Dior suit or Couture gown, we make sure that our trainers evaluate and execute a personalized plan that meets your fitness goals. We are results driven, so at the beginning of your training, your trainer will do an assessment. After a specified amount of time, we will reassess you to show just how far you’ve come and how you’ve progressed towards your goals.


If privacy is just as important as fitness, you can rest assured that C25 is sensitive to the many concerns of our diverse clientele. What happens in C25, stays in C25.


Take on this extremely personal approach of 1-on-1 training with C25 today. We’ll make sure you are getting all the expertise and encouragement you deserve – in as private a setting as you want to make it.




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