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Science of Circuit25

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The Circuit25 Method is the ultimate in one on one, group personal training and  boot camps. In 25 minutes, we will transform your body. The reason we are better and beyond any bootcamp is that we’ve taken two scientific approaches - the highly effective HIIT and Tabata methods -- and created the ultimate 25-minute workout.


In order to make sure our Circuit25 method is truly effective, we have taken inspiration from the HIIT and Tabata. HIIT (or High-intensity interval training) is great cardio that results in great weight loss. In a nutshell, you do an exercise like stair running for say, 25 seconds, at an extremely high speed. Then you recover for about 10 seconds, and then do another burst of exercise, such as 25 seconds of push-ups. The consequences of these exercise bursts? You burn fat faster, increase your HGH levels (the hormone that burns fat while keeping muscle), and produce EPOC (an effect where your body continues to burn calories for hours after your workout).  Basically, you can speed through a workout and continue to keep your metabolism up for 24 hours after you work out!


In a lot of ways, the Tabata method is the sister to the HIIT method.  Named after Izumi Tabata, PhD, a former researcher at Japan’s National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Tabata also encourages short bursts of exercise. It focuses on the number of reps you can do within a short period of time, rather than making you do a certain number of reps with no time constraints. This allows for anyone, beginner or advanced, to partake in any exercise and get the desired results.


Combining these two theories and then cementing it with our own philosophies, Circuit25 has become the new and best exercise method. Our fast and intense 25 minute workout is broken down to 25 second intervals. With 25 seconds of an intense work out, short rest and then another energetic burst, Circuit25 is optimal for anyone, at any fitness level. We are able to regress or progress anyone with these exercises, depending on their ability. But it doesn’t end there. We package this intense strength and resistance workout with an additional 25 minutes spent on cardio (warm up), core and cool down. On top of it, we again take inspiration for our cardio, endurance running and triathlon training by using the truly effective 180 formula, created by the legendary Dr. Phil Maffetone. Everything we do has a proven foundation. And we’ve been able to pull them all together into one method. The Circuit25 method.



Circuit25 is a work out for every man and woman. It’s effective, it’s fierce, and it gives results. And we are bringing these highly effective training techniques to the world with affordable classes, online training, travel pocket workouts, personal training and much


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