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    Secret Ingredient


      We focus on design applied to products, interfaces and environments. And we do so by placing people at the heart of all our projects.


      The heart of our design idea always focuses on people, the people who train with our equipment and those who choose us for their Wellness facilities.
      This is why all our products, interfaces and environments combine design and functionality in order to ensure the best possible user experience.


      Irresistible design

      We consider design as the key value in making any product more appealing and functional, thereby better exploiting biomechanics and ergonomics.
      This is why our equipment and interfaces are so easy to use and always retain their style over time.

      Our products are designed in Italy and characterised by attractive shapes and colours, quality materials that are pleasant to the touch and a style that fully embodies the creativity and attention to detail characteristic of Made in Italy.


      An integrated approach to the product

      In order to build functional and innovative products, our Design Department analyses market trends and requirements, interacting continually and in a structured manner with the other departments involved in product development.
      Integration between departments is essential for our work since it allows us to study user-product interaction in more detail and consequently offer the most appropriate solutions for everyone.


      Awards and collaborations

      Many of our products, such as Kinesis Personal and Recline Personal, have received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.
      Others have won various international innovation awards.
      Designers such as Antonio Citterio have worked with us, while architects such as Philippe Starck and Norman Foster have chosen us as their ideal "Wellness Design Partner" to ensure added value for their real estate projects.


      Designing spaces

      Comfort and well-being share close links with environmental factors and have a direct impact on the training experience. In this context, the layout of a Wellness facility is essential in making a difference and creating added value.
      Whether dealing with a private home, club, hotel or medical centre our team of designers seeks to create welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable settings which help people feel at ease.

      The experience of our team - through 7000 set-ups/year - means we can offer customised designs for every kind of space, from 10 sq.m. up to 1000 sq.m and more, while perfectly combining the design of products and the environment, lighting, colours and even aromas.

      Bearing in mind factors such as layout of spaces, internal flows, user requirements and architectural barriers we can implement projects where training becomes a true and enjoyable Wellness experience.