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New 2016 Running for Endurance

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Marathon...Trail Run...Running Techniques...Increase Cardiovascular Ability...Lower Resting Heart Rate !


- Every Wednesday night for six weeks, at Aberdeen Sports Ground  8pm-9:30pm


- Lead by: Olya Korzh, multiple award winner for endurance running.


- HK$1,000 for all six sessions. Must purchase the entire six sessions (1.5 hr each).


- 2 Progress Assessments included.


- Heart Rate Monitor required.


 Email to register at info@circuit25.com 



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Rating: 5 (2 votes)
Emily Cheung

I am thrilled to have Olya as my trainer at RFE class. I started my practice with her since the Feb of this year and she really helps me improving my speed-endurance-the pace. Like previous year, I joined several 10K races which were organised within these few months and I broke my own record by faster pace. I am so glad the RFE workouts helped, and now I am ready for something more challenging like a half marathon and/or mountain trail race. See you there in 2017!

Mary  Kavanagh

I hadn't run a lap in close to 30 years before joining the Running for Endurance program and am so grateful that I pushed myself to go reluctantly to the very first session. With a lot of support and encouragement from Olya and Jeremy, I went from not running at all to running my first-ever 10km within 6 weeks. Olya's approach is tailored to each individual so you don't need to worry about how much or how little you have run before, what your current level of fitness is or isn't -- this course is suitable for all levels. I can highly recommend it.

Statistics compiled by the American Medical Association indicate that as many as 70 percent of the more than 30 million “serious” runners in the United States can count on being injured every year.

At our Running for Endurance class we will show you how to not become a statistic. Run injury free.