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Take and Give

Circuit25 has launched a new initiative All4One. When joining our C25 classes, the calories you burn off will turn into bowls of rice for someone in the local area who is less fortunate.


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The way it works is simple. In every C25 class, participants on average each burn approximately 800 calories. Every bowl of rice is about 200 calories, so it adds up to 4 bowls of rice per class. We’ll keep a tally the number of classes you attend, and hence, the number of bowls of rice you are in effect donating. At the end of every quarter, we’ll convert the calories burned into donations of rice to a local food bank where C25 is, whether it be Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore. This is at no additional cost to you. Just know that with every class you attend, you’re not only getting fit, but you’re helping someone else.


It’s a win-win (or lose-win) situation… The definition of inspiration. It’s All4One.


Every member is eligible to participate. As long as the member participates in class, we will exchange those calories burned for rice. This is not a promotion; this is who we are. We are dedicated to changing people’s lives, those who are members and those who can benefit from our members’ commitment to shed pounds. We are All4One.


Sign up today and start losing and giving. All you have to do is take a few steps:


1. Sign up to be a member with Circuit25.

2. Attend classes. Every completed class adds up to four bowls of rice.

3. We keep a tally of every class you attend and the rice gained. At the end of each quarter, we donate it to a local food bank. It’s of no additional charge to you. 


Your Pain; Their Gain.




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