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About C25

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About us


We are group personal circuit training. That means you get the personal attention you deserve in a group dynamic. Our commitment is to your success.



You'll trust our trainers. Our dedicated trainers are there for you on an individual basis, whether to encourage you to finish that last push-up, grind out one more sit-up or correct your form. There’s no “boot-camp” shouting or yelling. We’re here to personally motivate, inspire and encourage you. We’re all about you, even in a group setting.


You’ll be challenged. Our program changes with each new class. Whether it’s a different venue or new exercises thrown into the mix, you’ll be inspired each and every session.


You’ll love the group setting. C25 is specially designed for a group setting but provides intensive individual attention. A participant’s fitness level doesn’t matter; every class is a mix of beginners and advanced. C25 makes sure each person in the class receives a workout suited to their needs, by using unique strategies and focusing on individual accomplishments within a 25 second span, rather than pressuring someone to complete repetitions. And the bonus of a group setting is its ideal environment for mingling and networking. C25 has made fitness and socializing simple and fun.


25 is the magic number. Every session has 25 minutes focused on body-transforming strength and resistant exercises, and another 25 minutes focused on cardio, core and cool down. Your pace, your workout.


There’s always variety. Circuit25 offers over 20 different sessions a week. With C25 packages, you can choose from any of our locations and times. Click here for times and locations.


Your opinion is important. At the end of each session, we ask for your feedback. This way, not only can we make sure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts, we can fine-tune our programs to adapt to your needs.


Try us today. It can't hurt. Well, maybe only a little – but oh, so good.


Check out the Science of Circuit25 for more info on how we designed the Circuit25 Method





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About the Creator of C25:

About the Creator of C25:



Founder of Circuit25, Davide Butson-Fiori is personal trainer/coach, designer, photographer and tri-athlete who lives in Hong Kong and NYC. He started off his career as a graphic designer and creative director at Fairchild publications and Puff Daddy's Notorious magazine in New York City. Then in Asia, he became creative director first at Paradigm (Tokyo), Emphasis Media and Edipresse Asia Publishers (Hong Kong). He has also honed his craft as a fashion photographer.


However, all of this hard work had him leading an unhealthy lifestyle. But that soon changed when he met fitness expert and coach Dr. Phil Maffetone. Davide was inspired to quit smoking, train and soon was participating in triathlons worldwide. In 2009, Davide took advantage of Hong Kong’s urban landscape and market for “unplugged” social networking by starting a group workout with friends, which quickly grew. Davide, who’s in his late 40s, knew he had an instant winner with C25, especially when he realized he had reduced his own biological age by more than 15 years. By applying his talents to design a fitness program that works, Davide has incorporated everything he has learned from his various professions in order inspire and motivate others to live a life of fitness and good health.


Davide and Circuit25 currently help 4,000 clients/members to reach their health and fitness goals, recently Davide will be featured in an upcoming reality based television series starting mid November 2013. More information to come.


If you would like to train with Davide or Circuit25 please contact us at info@circuit25.com now.